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Turki Fageera

Increase Followers, Expand Awareness and Career Development within TAM Organization


Turki is a managing partner with TAM specializing in creating public engagement to innovate new solutions in any industry. His goal is to empower 1,000,000 innovators through his content, skill development, and tools to help them develop the mindset to articulate new solutions to major problems and progress solutions. He is passionate about helping people to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. He believes that by providing the right resources and guidance, anyone can become an innovator


We conducted a thorough strategy analysis of our previous engagement and identity system and decided to focus on posts and written content with visual illustrations. However, we pivoted along the way and created many short video formats to have a greater impact across all channels. Our distribution strategy is %60 video and %40 posts and visual information.


Working with CEO was an amazing experience, they understand the power of personal branding and help you realize your impact by working hand to hand from envisioning to execution and beyond. What I really admired is that we never felt like it’s a typical client-vendor relationship, everyone was invested and supportive and made me feel like we are one team. If you’re planning for your next personal branding project, you should definitely select CEO as your partner.

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  1. Strategy & positioning for his personal brand.
  2. Customized brand identity that matched his targeted value.
  3. Awareness through Branded Reels & Posts
  4. Website development to be a hub of his career development.
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